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Pokemon Go is finally letting you trade with friends

A staple of the original Pokemon games is coming to mobile phones this summer.


Pokemon Go will let players trade their creatures this summer.


Pokemon Go is adding trading this summer, about two years after the game first hit phones.

Developer Niantic and The Pokemon Company revealed that both Trading and a Friends feature are being added into the app this summer — with a bit of a twist that makes them a bit closer to the way these work in the core Pokemon games like Pokemon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS.

Friends that would like to add each other to Pokemon Go will have to send a “secure Friend Request” using a Trainer Code to accept or receive an invitation — which on first impression sounds like the Friend Code system Nintendo has been employing on their consoles for years. But friends that are linked together on Pokemon Go can team up at Pokemon Gym and Raid Battles while achieving “Friendship level milestone rewards on their way to Best Friend status.”

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Trading will also involve this friend system, letting players that are connected to each other trade Pokemon as long as they are also in physical proximity of each other. Unfortunately that sounds like I won’t be able to trade any of my New York Pokemon with my colleagues in CNET’s San Francisco office, but the game is offering a bonus should friends trade Pokemon that were originally caught far apart from each other.

An official launch date for these features was not revealed beyond the summer launch period. Our sister site GameSpot has even more details about the new trading system, including photos of what it looks like. Check their explainer out here.

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