Mass Loaded Vinyl in Los Angeles

There are not too many resources for mass loaded vinyl in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Mass Loaded Vinyl or (MLV) as it is know in the industry is a high grade vinyl material the is impregnated with barium salts and silica to give it the mass of real lead sheeting, yet this material contains no lead.

 MLV is a standard in the soundproofing industry because of it’s ability to block and reflect unwanted noise through walls ceilings and even floors.  MLV can be used in lieu of using Lead sheeting which is heavy and cumbersome and has a list of hazards all it’s own. The Mass Loaded Vinyl emulates the lead sheeting but contains no lead or lead by products.
M<ass Loaded vinyl is also used in many Recording studio build outs as well as newly constructed Home theaters. In combination with 5/8″ Gypsum (drywall) the MLV can offer STC ratings or 35 to 40 STC points or better. STC equates to the decibel reduction this product will give you if properly installed.
 Whenever you are installing MLV on a wall or ceiling, it is imperative that you caulk all seams as well as around the perimeter. If possible always over lap the MLV by at least 1/2 an inch.
 A lot of people are having difficulty finding MLV is the Los Angeles area. For a city that is so heavily populated, LA have very few soundproofing outlets.

  Generally it is best to go through a soundproofing company in the San Diegoarea to order your mass loaded vinyl. the MLV is shipped from a warehouse in Northern California. Shipping into Los Angeles has become quite inexpensive,

especially when shipped to a commercial outlet that has either a dock or a

forklift. This way the truck pulls up, you easily unload the product and the

driver is on his way.
 If you live in the Los Angeles area and you need MLV or any type of

soundproofing products, talk to the Pro’s at they

advise you regarding this product can help you get it shipped to you quickly

and economically. This is Dr. Bob, Adios…

Source by Robert W. Orther


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