The 10 Supreme Tanning Salons in California, USA

Despite the neighboring beaches, Californians opt to avail of the services of tanning salons. Hollywood celebrities’ favorite Sunset Tan Salon is joined by Le Beach Club, TanMan, Melrose Tanning Salon, and others to be among the most preferred tanning providers in California.

Even with the existence of so many of beaches and the sun ready to cuddle you, Californians still love to go to tanning salons. They have become so prevalent, thanks to the French Designer, Coco Chanel. At tanning salons, you get a much quicker and an even tan as compared to basking under the sun.

Here, catch a glimpse of the 10 supreme tanning salons in California that offer an extensive selection of tanning services.

Melrose Tanning Salon

The establishment has a very relaxed and homely ambience similar to the warmth of its employees. Clients can select from various tanning products and services that will match their idea of a perfect tan. Melrose has something to present for every skin type. For UV tanners, a whopping variety of tingle lotions, after-sun lotions, bronzers, and accelerators are available. Moisturizers and exfoliators are at hand for sunless tanners.

It is located at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, just few blocks west of Alta Vista’s La Brea.

Le Beach Club

This Torrance salon has been helping Californians get tanned for over two decades. Le Beach Club has Wolff Facial Beds of 43 lamps to produce an even and thorough tan.

TanMan Salon

The salon is in West Sunset Blvd. It’s been the official tanning salon of the Oscar Events for its Warner Brothers sponsorship. They offer Wolf Brand beds, ETS beds, and Sundash by Ergoline. And with just 2 to 3 sessions with their Tanses TX-52, you’ll have the darkest tan that you desire.


The Cop-A-Tan in Torrance is deemed by many to be one of the supreme tanning facilities in Southern California. In the tanning job for over 20 years, Cop-A-Tan branches provide Mystic Tan sunless tanning plus a varied choice of tanning oils and lotions.


You can find this salon at Hoover St. LA. Choose from an array of high-tech tanning selections – high pressure stand up beds, extraordinary European tanning beds, branded lotion indulgence, etc.

SunWorks Tanning

This salon has three outlets in California – Glendale, Los Angeles and Pasadena. Their high-pressure bed is a favorite choice of clients. The great tanning experience coupled with warm and helpful staff will make you visit the place again.

Silverlake Sun Tanning Salon

Tailored tanning for skin of all types is available at Silverlake. Facilities and services provided include a selection of tanning bed types, tanning accelerators, handpicked lotions and sunscreens, facial tanners, private tanning spaces, and more.

Sunset Tan

Sunset Tan is the favorite tan producer of many Hollywood celebrities such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Sunset Tan has branches in Hollywood (of course), Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica -Venice, Studio City and West LA. It has been featured in popular publications like In Style magazine, Fox Business News and Cosmopolitan.

Starlight Tanning Salon

Starlight is one of the very few California tanning establishment that offers world famous California Tan and Matahari Products. This salon has outlets in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.


It is one of the classiest salons in Glendale California, with sixteen magnificent rooms which impart comfort as you get gorgeous skin.

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